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Devil’s Club Products

Devil's, or devils, club plant with berries

The Devil’s Club (Oplopanax horridus) is a woody stemmed shrub, covered with brittle spines and topped with large palmate leaves; conspicuous in the understory of the Southeast Alaska rainforest.  It is highly medicinal and has traditionally been used for an amazing range of treatments, both internal and external.  It is a member of the ginseng family, and thus is also sometimes referred to as "Alaskan Ginseng." At Back Bay Botanicals, we wild-craft and process it here in Sitka, Alaska for use as an ingredient in the following products:

Devil’s Club Soothing Rub

Devil's Club Soothing Rub, 2 oz: $14  Add to Cart

Devil's Club Soothing Rub
Our most popular product!

Despite the intimidating plant name, Devil's Club Soothing Rub is an effective soothing salve for arthritis and muscular aches and pains. It has been reported to be effective on a wide range of problems, from sore backs, to shoulders, hips, carpal tunnel syndrome and more. Try it, and experience the relief this ancient, traditional herbal has brought to countless generations of the indigenous Tlingit and Haida peoples.

Many people report relief from pain so complete that they have lessened or discontinued other treatments, and are thus also free of the side effects of the other treatments.

We have people from coast to coast, and even as far away as England, Australia and Japan who order and use Devil's Club Soothing Rub.

The same active ingredients are also available in our Devil's Club Bath and Massage Oil (formally Spruce Magic Massage Oil) though not as concentrated as in the Devil's Club Soothing Rub.  (See below)

INGREDIENTS: Devil's club, poplar, spruce, wormwood, organic olive oil, beeswax, and pure essential oils.

Hello there! My name is Catherine and I just wanted to tell you thank you, and how much I LOVE your soothing rub.

I'm a trauma/ER nurse. I spend 12 and 1/2 on my feet when I work. On average, I walk 6 miles a shift. For years, I've had terrible foot pain. Lately it's gotten so bad, that my doctor has given me narcotic and non-narcotic medication for the pain.  When I get up in the morning, I take ibuprofen just to be able to walk.

I happen to run across your web site when researching Devils club and decided to try the rub. One day, I had some hip pain. I thought, what the heck, let's try it. My pain was gone. I wasn't sure if it was the rub, or the pain medication, but I really didn't care at that point!

After a rather long night, I could hardly walk after I got home. I decided to try something. I put your rub on my right foot only. 20 min later I got up. Holy crap, my right foot didn't hurt nearly as bad as it did. Immediately, I put it on the left and got the same results.

Still, I was not convinced (it's the nurse in me). That night my husband was having bad wrist pain due to arthritis. I did the same experiment on him. Massaged the rub onto his right wrist. Less than 10 min, his pain was gone. We put it on the left wrist and got the same results.

This product is AMAZING! It really works. It didn't make my foot pain totally go away, however it relieved it to the point that I didn't need medication.

I can't say THANK YOU enough. Yesterday, I placed an order for 2 more.

Keep up the good work!

Very satisfied customer,
Catherine , AKA happy feet

I just wanted to write to let you know how much your Devil's Club Soothing Rub helped me heal over the past two weeks. I badly pulled my shoulder and the muscle was inflamed and spasming (painful). I tried some of my Arnica balm - I have a small company similar to yours in Whitehorse and love arnica for arthritic problems and thought maybe - it helped a little but, to no great degree - then I remembered I had a little tub of your product that I picked up on a trip to Skagway to try out. Within 10 minutes my shoulder spasms started to subside and by the next day the pain was much, much less. I'm sold on the effectiveness of Devil's Club after this experience for this type of thing. I'll be picking up some more on my next trip over the border.  
Great Product - I had to take a moment to write and thank you for making it. - Jolie, Whitehorse, Yukon

Amazing. I am scheduled for a hip replacement in the next 30 days. On a Princess Coral cruise excursion and nature walk in Haynes this past week, the tour guide showed us the Devils Club plant and mentioned the many uses it has. Not being a tea person, but suffering from arthritis, I decided to try it when I found I could buy it at our lunch stop.

Amazing, unbelievable, totally eliminated the pain, is all I can say. Plus a great big "thank you" to our host who mentioned the product.  I will still have surgery, but I know what I will use during rehab.

I'm telling everybody, look for bulk shipments to Texas for me and my friends. - Jim, Granbury, TX

Approximately three years ago my business associate brought me some Devil's Club from your store as a gift (he and his family visited your beautiful state while on vacation).

I have a lower back problem that causes me indescribable pain. For over twenty five years I have resisted surgery and have been a candidate for many types of treatment (medical and home remedies) to help decrease the ever present ache in my lower back and hips. He told me that this rub was said to help many different types of aches and pains. I was skeptical but I tried it and I had almost immediate relief of the ache after the first application. I am not implying that my back problem was cured but nothing, and I mean nothing, had ever helped the pain that quickly and no drugs!

Immediately I went on the Internet and tried to find your store but your site was closed for remodeling. I checked each day for what seemed forever but your site remained down. Steve gave me the rub that he had bought for personal use, the rub that he had brought for his parents, and the one that he had brought for his pastor! But, eventually I gave up and ordered some devil's rub from another place but it just wasn't the same. I don't know if I had psyched myself into thinking I had to have Back Bay Botanical Devil's Club or if it truly wasn't the same but it didn't help.

Then approximately three-four weeks ago I decided to try again and there you were, right back in business (at least where I could find you). I ordered the rub from you and when I received it the same thing happened. My relief was almost instantaneous! I am so happy to have found you and Devil's Club rub. Please don't go away again.

Oh, I repaid Steve for the Devil's Club that he gave me and he, too, was happy that I located your site. Thank you, Elsie, R.N., M.S.T, Jellico, TN

"I love your Devil’s Club Rub!!! It works great and I never leave home without it!" Carol K., California

After a Cruise Trip to Alaska, we discovered Devil's Club for Arthritis pain. While shopping in town we found Devil's Club and started to use it. We have repeatedly ordered it and have been using Devil's Club for about a year now, and we would recommend it to anyone for Arthritis. Genie, Green Valley, AZ

Amazing. I am scheduled for a hip replacement in the next 30 days. On a Princess Coral cruise excursion and nature walk in Haines this past week, the tour guide showed us the Devils Club plant and mentioned the many uses it has. Not being a tea person, but suffering from arthritis, I decided to try it when I found I could buy it at our lunch stop.

Amazing, unbelievable, totally eliminated the pain, is all I can say. Plus a great big "thank you" to our host who mentioned the product. ( I will still have surgery, but I know what I will use during rehab)
I'm telling everybody, look for bulk shipments to Texas for me and my friends. -Jim, Granbury, TX

P.S. seeing the cinnamon colored mama bear feed her cub the salmon was pretty special too.

PPS Didn't mention that my skeptical wife used some on her sore neck to pacify me. By the next morning her neck was much better and a knot in her neck had disappeared as had the container of balm. Later, I found the container in her dresser drawer.

No special requests, but just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products. Devil's Club Soothing Rub has now seen me through two major surgeries as a healing massage agent. I can hardly see my surgical scars! I bought my first jar in Sitka about 10 years ago and have been ordering ever since. -Sally-Jo, Springfield, OR

Love this stuff. I have chronic pain and find that this product immediately provides relief. I have referred a lot of folks on Facebook and a few friends from Alabama have told me that they plan to order some. -Sheila, Jacksonville Beach, FL

In June, my husband and I took a cruise to Alaska. On a tour we went on, in the gift shop, I purchased a container of your Devil's Club Soothing Rub. I tried the display sample on my finger joint that was bothering me. Within a couple of minutes the pain was totally! I was so thrilled I went back to the gift shop and purchased it. Then one of the friends that was on the cruise with us asked me what I purchased. I told him and he said, “Oh, can I try it on my shoulder?' I said sure. Again, within minutes his pain was gone. His shoulder had been hurting him for a couple of days! He went into the gift shop and purchased his own jar. Back home now, in Washington State (after living away for 15 years in warmer/dryer climates), my arthritis is kicking in and giving me a lot of pain. I have used Devil's Club and it is truly helping! Yeah! I'll be ordering more online, soon! Just wanted to share the great results I have had with your product! Blessings.. -Chris, Puyallup, WA

I just wanted to say on behalf of my wife, Kim, she has psoriactic arthritis so bad, she has tried many products. The one that really works is your Devil's Club Rub. It's the only thing that will quiet her feet down at night so she can sleep! Thank you for making this fine product! -Sam, Detroit Lakes, MN

I discovered your Devil's Club while in Alaska on vacation end of August. A friend had found it in a shop in Talkeetna and said it was good for arthritis, which I have in my knees. After 3 nights of using the rub, the constant ache went away and the swelling went down! You can now actually see my kneecap! Just want to thank you for having a product that works! I have told all my friends about it. If you start getting more orders from Pennsylvania it's because of me! I will be ordering more before this one runs out, but wanted to let you know how well the rub works for me. -Leni, Bernville, PA

While in Alaska 3 weeks ago I tried your Devil's Club Rub on my very hurting finger, with arthritis, with almost immediate relief. So impressed I purchased a jar and have used it on other parts of my body, with great results. I also let a friend use some of it on a very hurting knee (arthritis) with excellent results. What used to keep her up most of the night hurting, she now sleeps all night after applying it before she retires for the night. Thank you for making this available on one of our boat excursions. I just placed an order for another jar, plus a jar for my friend. Thank you again for a Very Good Product! -James, Liberty, MO

Devil's Club Soothing Rub, 2 oz: $14  Add to Cart

Back Bay Herbal Healing Balm with Devils Club

Back Bay Herbal Healing Balm with Devils Club, 2 oz: $14  Add to Cart

Back Bay Herbal Healing Balm with Devils ClubBack Bay Herbal Healing Balm with Devils Club is an excellent all-purpose herbal healing salve with Devil's Club that promotes healing of cuts, abrasions, rashes, eczema and burns. It provides relief from jellyfish stings and many insect bites.

Commercial fishermen use it for "fish poisoning" and septic cuts. Diabetic friends have made this their preferred treatment for the skin complications from diabetes. At BBB we have used it for everything from diaper rash to insect bites, jellyfish stings, severe sunburn, wood stove burns, and chainsaw cuts!

Herbal Healing Balm is mild, yet very effective, even on sensitive, damaged skin. Our products do not contain petroleum products, to which many people have adverse skin reactions.

INGREDIENTS: Devil's club, calendula, plantain, comfrey, wormwood, poplar, organic olive oil, beeswax, vitamin E and pure essential oils.

"I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the Back Bay Bummi Salve (Herbal Healing Balm). The day we got home Finn's eczema flared up. It looks so sore. Poor guy! I have been slathering him in salve. It is the best! Thanks again." - Kaiti, Chico, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I burned my arm this morning with my curling iron. I immediately rubbed some of your Herbal Healing Balm on it and the burning sensation went away within minutes. While at work at the womens store I continued to rub it on with the sample we have there throughout the day. It has not only NOT BURNED at all, but it is already healing!!! -Jean S, Sitka, AK

Thank you so much for the salve! I was recently recently diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis, a very uncomfortable vulva skin disease. There is not much known about it. The main treatment is topical steroids to stop the inflammation. I decided to try the Devils Club Herbal Healing Balm for its anti inflammatory properties. Your product has continued to keep the itching and irritation under control so well that I have not had to use the steroids. (Application 2x a day). My Dr. is impressed with the results I'm having!

Nobody I have heard of with LS has tried this yet. Women need to know! I can not tell you how thankful I am. You can imagine how devastating a diagnosis like that could be. The results I am having with the Herbal Herbal Balm gives me hope that I won't have to live as compromised as many women with LS do. -Anonymous, SE Alaska

Wanted to let you know how well this (Herbal Healing Balm) works! My daughter grooms dogs and has cracked fingers, cuts and scratches from this. She has tried all sorts of the “usual” stuff, but nothing worked. I gave her some of this and she was amazed at how quickly the scratches, cuts and cracks healed. I just ordered 2 jars to be sent to her.

In addition, a co-worker had bent back a nail tearing it from the quick. I gave her some and within a couple hours of repeated application, the pain went away and the next day it was healed. She then gave her little container to her husband because he has cracks on his fingertips (VERY common in the Fairbanks area) and he had the same results. He lost her little container so she made him go buy a jar from the health food store and I gave her another container. She keeps it right next to her keyboard. -Regina, Fairbanks, AK

I would like to thank you for your products. I received the Herbal Healing Balm as a gift from my friends who almost just arrived from Alaska after being there for half a year. My little son (5 months) has been fighting with eczema all over his body, I have tried lots of stuff and even a hormone creme from our doctor, which I generally don't choose to go for. Even though it helped, the eczema appeared as soon as I stopped using that and suddenly I got this wonderful present which seems to keep it away after only two days of using, so thank you so much. I'm looking forward to using some more of your products.
With kindly regards, -Hana, Bagsveard, Denmark

Back Bay Herbal Healing Balm with Devils Club, 2 oz: $14  Add to Cart

Devil's Club Bath and Massage Oil

Devil's Club Bath and Massage OilThis popular massage oil (formally Spruce Magic Massage Oil) contains the same active ingredients as the popular Devils Club Soothing Rub, but more dilute because of the additional massage oils. More info...

Devil's Club Bath and Massage Oil
4 oz: $14  Add to Cart

Animal Care Healing Balm with Devils Club

Click here for information about this product. Animal Care Herbal Balm with Devils Club, 2 oz: $14  Add to Cart

Animal Care Healing Balm with Devils Club

Devil's Club Tea

Devil's Club Tea is available from

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